Délégation Générale à la Promotion des
Pôles Urbains de Diamniadio et du Lac Rose


A word from the General Delegate

The General Delegation for the Promotion of the Urban Poles of Diamniadio and Pink Lake is the State's lever for conducting this vast program.

It was created by decision of the President of the Republic to conduct a vast program in each of these two poles by developing a new way of conducting urban projects derogating from the common law of urban planning, with a view to greater efficiency and speed of execution.

This innovative approach has proven its success in Diamniadio. Today, we are launching the operational phase of the Pink Lake project.

Why invest
in our poles?

The Diamniadio and Lac Rose urban hubs were created to provide solutions to the problems of urbanization in Dakar. The aim is to find solutions to the housing deficit, the low availability of industrial land, the development of research and training infrastructures and the promotion of a strong economy to achieve Emergence. Diamniadio, a dense and compact city, will be the showcase of a modern and forward-looking Senegal. The Pink Lake, on the other hand, will be this gentle city, twin sister of Diamniadio and new tourist destination of Greater Dakar. Through these two poles, the State of Senegal is opening the way to a new approach to planning with the development of major urban projects on a model of innovative public-private partnerships.

Urban pole of Diamniadio

Planned on 1644 hectares, the urban pole of Diamniadio is divided into 4 districts. Diamniadio should eventually have 300,000 inhabitants. The objective is to build 40,000 homes, install 15 ministries, develop the Smart and functional city to offer the territory new development opportunities.

Urban pole of Lac Rose

Which takes advantage of its exceptional environment and the genius of the place to develop a mixed rural territory on 4500 hectares and urban. The Pink Lake will be the soft city and the new tourist destination of Greater Dakar. Through these two poles, the State of Senegal opens the way to a new approach of the development.

The programs

The purpose of the cluster is to promote the knowledge economy, legal and financial services, and the event economy in order to reposition Senegal on the continental scene and set up a logistics and manufacturing industry cluster open to Senegal, Africa and the world. 


Smart city

Éducation Formation Recherche

Infrastructures and VRD





Real estate

Administration and Services

Why invest
in Diamniadio

DGPU is a gas pedal of human progress that will embody the future of innovation in business, life and sustainability. DGPU offers many unique investment opportunities of various sizes across multiple industries.

The major projects of Diamniadio


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